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Experts in bathroom design, plumbing, heating and construction drying

Our company, based in Ralingen (Rheinland-Pfalz) close to the border of Luxemburg, specializes in the most recent state of the art inventions and technologies for bathroom design, in plumbing, heating and construction drying. We are serving the region of Rheinland-Pfalz between Ralingen, Trier, Bitburg, Konz and Luxemburg.

The owner Jan Labanc and his team are dedicated to provide quality products and outstanding service and have more than 10 years of experience in bathroom design and remodeling, plumbing and heating. Our employees are made up of talented and hardworking people.

Bathroom design and remodeling by designers and craftsmen

Hire the best and you will get best quality results saving time contacting several contractors!

We are experts in renovating bathrooms. We create your bathroom just as you wish for - simple or luxurious. Our professional bathroom team works together with you to give your bathroom the attention it deserves: step-by-step from product selection to installation.   

For creating the bathroom of your dreams, we offer all the necessary services as a one-stop source for sanitary facilities:

Installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems

Our technicians are there to not only resolve your heating issues!

We install, maintain and repair a wide range of central heating systems. If you are looking for radiators with high heating efficiency, electrical heat or a complete heating system with gas or oil furnaces as well as boilers, we are just right for you. We have been experienced heating technicians for many years.

We are also experts in solar and heat pump technologies as well as ventilation systems. Our services include the construction of pellet stoves and any heating system which uses firewood.

In case of emergency, you can rely on our experienced technicians:
For emergencies, call +49 171 8127083 day and night

Experts in construction drying

Beware of damaged water pipes!

Jan Labanc and his team assist you with up-to-date knowledge in this area. We search for leakages in pipes with the help of thermal images, natural gas or sonic waves.

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